Dia KiyomizuEdit

Dia Kiyomizu


Dia Kiyomizu



Race Human
Name in Kanji ダイヤ清水寺, Kiyomizu Dia
Birthday Demeber 29
Age 15-17
Gender Female
Height 157 cm 5'2"
Weight 41 kg (90 lbs.)
Blood Type B+
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Brown
Weapond Chara Bracelet
Theme Song Life is a Boat by Yui
Professional Status
Affiliation Kumorizora academy, for the talent gifted and smart
Occupation High School Student, Sleeping Forest Princess.
Rank Rainbow Rose of friendship
Fooly Cooly Rank First O in Cooly.
Personal Status

Kumorizora academe, for the talent gifted and smart

Likes Sports, Rose Knights, Fooly Cooly, Sweets, and wandering around places aka getting lost.
Dislikes Pevert Ikuto, Chronos, spicy food, police, Rima Mashiro, and jerks.


Light Kiyomizu (Brother, Alive), Ai Kiyomizu (Mother, Deceased), Hiroshi Kiyomizu (Father, Deceased)

Dia Kiyomizu (ダイヤ清水寺, Kiyomizu Dia) is a spunky, active, 17 year old social girl that is friends with everyone. She's the vice-president of the Kumorimaru Judo club and Kyūdōclub, while being president of the Kendo club. She's the first O in Cooly while being in the gang Fooly Cooly. She and her older brother, Light Kiyomizu, lost their parents at the young ages of 6 (Dia) and 11 (Light) in a murder insodent at their home. They lived with their uncle Dino Cavallone until Light turned 15 ,while Dia still 10, he and Dia moved out along with there close cousin Heisuke Cavallone.


Dia is a teenager of average height with blue hair and brown eyes. She never puts her hair down because she gets very fussy and angry with it down, so she keeps it in pony tails 'till she goes to bed. She wears her school uniform around town and sometimes and Rose Knight missions. If she wore normal clothes it would mostly be your casual teenage girl look. She likes to dress a little above adverage because it makes her feel 'like not all the world is gray'.


Dia is always lightheaded, sympathetic, bouncy, and cheerful. But when she is in a battle between a Chorons number or a life and death situation she becomes annoyed, cold-hearted, and totally serious. Once, when she was a child she had a cute and firilly mood, but after the death of her parents she became indapendit and tomboyish, while still having a cutetish feature.


During the funeral of her parents, Dia did not cry one tear while some family emebers and close friends were submerged with. Two distanctant family members called her ,"Cold hearted." Light heard the two and tried to hit them, but Dia cought his arm and stopped him while telling him not to go any farther. He scoffed and returned to the ceremony.

Back during childhood, Ikuto told Dia that they were once best friends because they lived close to each other, but Dia told him everytime that she never lived by any childern her age. That caused Ikuto to delive that Dia lost that memory from eather trama or someone erased it.

Soul TransformationsEdit

  1. Blue Rose of Truth- Class One: Amulet Shadow, Class Two: Amulet BlackStar, Class Three: Amulet Stardust Ninja.