Ikuto Cross

Ikuto Cross

Race Reaper
Name in Kanji 一騎当千クロス, Cross Ikuto
Birthday Demeber 1
Age 17 (looks) 1,673,284-1,673,286 (really)
Gender Male
Height 180 cm 5ft 11in
Weight 63 kg 140lbs.
Blood Type K+
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Weapond Chara Ring
Theme Song Fujisawa Loser by Asain Kung-Fu Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Kumorizora academy, for the talent gifted and smart
Occupation High School Student, Former Grim Reaper, Dia's future husband, and Rose Knight.
Rank Blue Rose of Truth
Fooly Cooly Rank First 'F' in Fooly
Personal Status

Kumorizora academe, for the talent gifted and smart

Likes Dia Kiyomizu, fish, chocolate, sleeping., and playing violin.
Dislikes Banannas, Cold places, rain, and family. (but his mother)


Death (Father, Alive), Yami Cross (Mother, Deceased), Sora Cross (Brother, Alive), Roxas Cross (Brother, Alive), and Amu Cross (Sister, Alive)

Ikuto CrossEdit